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Northeast Climbing Competitions


It was a good weekend for climbing in the Northeast! This past Saturday Central Rock Gym in Hadley, MA had their first pro climbing comp and there was a huge turnout from all-star climbers such as Sasha Digiulian, Kasia Pietras, Isabelle Faus, Nadia Vorotnikov, and Melanie Messer on the ladies side and Alex David Johnson, Daniel Woods, Vasya Vorotnikov, Josh Levin, Nicolas Millburn, Jimmy Webb, Josh Larson, Brian Kim, and Peter Kamitses on the guys side. They showed up to compete for a $5000 cash prize. For more information about the winners and the competition check out the article posted here on Or check out the video below for some great shots of amazingly talented climbers!


I think it'd be hard to fit that many climbers or spectators in The Crux, but to check out pictures of one of our past competitions check out our facebook page! Or for other pictures of our facilities or climbers check out the pictures on our website too!

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