Tips to start climbing

In this article you will find advice on choosing the right climbing equipment, as well as an overview of the practice and safety rules necessary to get started in this sport.


Climbing, also called “climbing” by practitioners, is a growing sport that is practiced at any age and for any level of sport.

Climbing is both a sport that develops muscles (abs, sheathing, upper body muscles, legs and feet) but also more moral qualities such as confidence in oneself and ones partner or balance!

The advantage of this practice is that you can practice 365 days a year!

Indoor or outdoor, it’s up to you if you prefer to climb on an artificial wall indoors or directly on a cliff when the conditions allow it.

In short, a very complete sport that is good for body and mind!


To practice climbing in the best conditions and in complete safety, here is the essential equipment to have for climbing.

The harness that allows you to be held in place in case of a fall is the link between the climber and the rope. Attached to the waist and thighs, it is important to choose a comfortable harness, adapted to its size and morphology.
The rope must be in good condition and long enough. 70m of rope and a diameter of about 10mm allows a versatile use.
A descender and a screw carabiner to secure the climber and brake his fall if necessary.
Climbing shoes for a good support on the wall. Choose a shoe that is close to the foot but comfortable.
Magnesia allows you to have fingers that hang on and prevent sweating.